Alan Peat books which are not specifically educational!

On my conferences people often ask about the books I have written which aren’t for the educational market. The following list may prove of interest. In addition to the books outlined below I have also written two poetry collections for adults:
Regouting the Bathroom in the Wrong Century (Crocus Books)
Electric Obituary (Redbeck Press)
Most are listed on
I have just completed my first novel and my first children’s book ‘The Magic Stone’ (Illustrated by John Harrold – Rupert Bear illustrator for 30 years) is released in late 2010 / early 2011. A point I make in my ‘Developing Writing’ training is the fact that I am a writer and that writing is a major part of my life. Hopefully this lends my observations and ideas some validity! Oh… and I still teach!
1 Midwinter: Collector’s Guide by Alan Peat (Paperback – Sep 1992)
Published by Cameron and Hollis – this was the first detailed history of W.R. Midwinter Ltd (ceramic manufacturers, Stoke on Trent) and involved detailed research and interviews with major designers. The foreword was written by Sir Terence Conran. The book has just been republished (April 2010)
2 David Whitehead Ltd.: Artist Designed Textiles 1952-1969 by Alan Peat (Paperback – Dec 1993)
Published by Oldham Museum and Gallery Education Service.
The only detailed history of a major British textile manufacturer. I have lectured at the Victoria and Albert museum on the subject of this company’s textile design history and the book is still used in many University textile design courses. The foreword was also written by Sir Terence Conran.
3 Ancient Egypt: Key Stage 2 Activity Pack by Alan Peat and Brian Holmes (Paperback – Dec 1994)
Published by Oldham Museum and Gallery Education Service.
At the time of publication I was Education officer at Oldham Museum and Gallery – the service was shortlisted for the Gulbenkian Award for the best educational work in a British museum in 1994
4 Using Victorian and Edwardian Photographs and Related Documents: [Part 1]: A Key Stage 2 Resource Pack by Alan Peat and Lisa Blezard (Paperback – July 1994)
Published by Oldham Museum and Gallery Education Service.
5 Most Dismal Times: William Rowbottam’s Diary, 1787-99 (Paperback) Transcribed and annotated by Alan Peat (Paperback 1994)
Published by Oldham Museum and Gallery Education Service.
The first full transcript of a pivotal diary in English history – referenced in many academic texts including…
Poverty and Welfare in England, 1700-1850 (Manchester Studies in Modern History) by Steven King (Paperback – 28 Sep 2000) Excerpt – page 105: ” … Kennedy, History of Leyton (London, privately published, 1894). 3 A. Peat (ed.), The most dismal times: William Rowbottoms diary 1787-99 (Oldham, Oldham Library … ”
The Diary of Edmund Harrold, Wigmaker of Manchester 1712-5 by Craig Horner (Hardcover – 28 Nov 2008)
Making Sense of the Industrial Revolution: English Economy and Society 1700-1850 (Manchester Studies in Modern History) by Steven King and Geoffrey Timmins (Paperback – 26 April 2001)

6 John Tunnard: A Life and Catalogue of the Work by Alan Peat and Brian A. Whitton (Hardcover – 17 July 1997)
Published by Scolar Press (Now Ashgate publishing)
The first history and catalogue raisonne of a major English artist – co-authored with Professor Brian Whitton (Durham University) We also solved the coding system used on Tunnard’s paintings making this the standard reference book. It is quoted in all Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams etc sales and is a standard research book in university art history depts. and museums.
The original book was followed by,
7 John Tunnard: A Retrospective (Grey College Occasional Paper) by Brian A. Whitton and Alan Peat (Paperback – 29 Sep 2000)
Most recently Brian and I have contributed a chronology and essay to the catalogue for the first major exhibition and history of Tunnard’s work in 30 years (Pallant House Gallery, Chichester April – July 2010)

In addition to the above books I have also written the foreword and a chapter for The Fine Art Society’s ‘A phoenix from the ashes: post-war British design’ (1988) and articles on ceramic design and history for ‘Antique Collector’ magazine. Over the last five years I have also become interested in the history of early recorded sound and have written an article on early recordings related to the sinking of the Titanic for the ‘City of London Gramophone and Phonograh Society’ magazine, a transcript of which can be read at
My interest in the Titanic is longstanding and I personally wrote to the survivor Millvina Dean for many years. Recently my educational consultancy business, Alan Peat Ltd ( helped to fund the saving of the ‘Nomadic’ the last White Star vessel which remains afloat.
I am currently working on a book which links my ‘Boxing Clever’ story making idea with history!
All best wishes to all


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