One’s World War



Undoubtedly one of the most significant unpublished World War One documents, the diaries of Major Beale-Browne present a gripping narrative and eye-witness account of the war years. Beale-Brown was a faithful and diligent diary writer and his words and experiences have now been made available to schools wishing to commemorate, and understand, the events which, quite literally, changed the world a century ago. ‘One’s World War’ is exactly that: one man’s personal experience of ‘The Great War’. Alan Peat bought the diaries, which run to seven volumes of close-written pages a decade ago and since then Alan has sourced copyright free images to support the written text. The project offers : FREE PODCAST…every day exactly 100 years to the day! Now, exactly one hundred years to the day (starting August 4th 2014/1914) you can listen to a daily reading of each diary entry in the form of a FREE podcast. MONTHLY DIGITAL MAGAZINE FOR SCHOOLS…12 issues per year for only £50 We are also producing a digital magazine for schools. As with all Alan Peat Ltd resources, this magazine will be an indispensible and “ideas-rich” tool to support the teaching and study of World War 1. The inaugural issue will be available on July 20th. This launch issue will cover both August and September 1914 and will include a plethora of engaging teaching ideas. Future issues will be available (in PDF format) on a monthly basis starting September 1st 2014. The September 2014 issue will directly relate to the diary entries for October 2014, giving teachers a month to plan and absorb the ideas. What will the monthly magazine include? The magazine will have the same format each month and include:

  1. An overview of the corresponding month in 1914.
  2. Suggested websites and links to support the understanding/class use of the diary entries (Useful for Primary / Secondary)
  3. Associated visual materials which can be copied for class use (all are copyright free and have been sourced by us over the past decade. They include postcards, original photographs, original magazine and newspaper photos and illustrations etc)
  4. Each month’s visual materials will relate directly to the appropriate war diary entries (Useful for Primary / Secondary)
  5. A Historical commentary giving a broad overview of wider events (Primary/ Secondary)
  6. Cross-curricular lesson ideas and teaching notes (Primary focus)

The magazine can also be printed and photocopied in the institution of purchase. THE WEBSITE To find out more please visit the website You can listen to the FREE daily podcast starting August 4th and follow a map of Beale Browne’s location during the war, exactly 100 years to the day. Written diary extracts will also occasionally be posted on the website. HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE DIGITAL MAGAZINE You can subscribe to the digital magazine from July 20th (midday) for £50 a year…that’s just over £4 per ideas-packed issue. Subscribers also get the entire back-catalogue of the magazine as well as access to direct download links of the podcast for offline playback.


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