SWAPSHOP! Swap an album for a signed copy of any of Alan Peat’s books!

SWAPSHOP! Swap an album for a signed copy of any of Alan Peat’s books!

Literacy is one of the key passions of my life but those who know me know that music is another. I’ve collected some of the earliest recordings on wax cylinders for many years but made the mistake of converting from vinyl to CD’s in the 1980s. A couple of years ago I reverted to LP’s and have been buying from car boot sales, charity shops and specialist record shops ever since.

I was driving through Wiltshire recently when I passed a church hall with a sign which read ‘Swapmeet this Saturday. Bring along anything you want to swap.’ I thought about this on the drive home and decided to try a similar approach in order to fill some gaps in my LP collection. I thought I’d start with the 1960s…so, if you have any of the following LP’s in decent condition (no scratches on the vinyl and a nice clean cover!) and you’d like to swap them for any of my books (signed and with the inscription of your choice!) then drop an email to info@alanpeat.com I thought it was worth a try. Forgive me for adding a blog which has nothing whatsoever to do with literacy but as an obsessive collector I just couldn’t help myself…

1 The Mamas and the Papas. If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears
2 Cream. Wheels of Fire
3 Bob Dylan. Bring It All Back Home
4 The Rolling Stones. Aftermath
5 The Doors. Strange Days
6 Franco Zeffirelli. Romeo and Juliet (the soundtrack album)
7 Jimi Hendrix. Electric Ladyland
8 Big Brother and The Holding Company. Cheap Thrills
9 Rolling Stones. Let it Bleed
10 Van Morrison. Moondance
11 Jimi Hendrix. Are You Experienced?
12 Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin
13 The Beatles. White Album (It’s a double album so I’ll happily swap two signed books for this!)
14 Credence Clearwater Revival. Bayou County
15 Rolling Stones. Beggars Banquet
16 The 13th Floor Elevators….any album at all by them!
17 Booker T and the MG’s. Green Onions
18 Charles Mingus. The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
19 The Sonics. Here Are The Sonics
20 The Monks. Black Monk Time

So, my fingers are crossed. In addition to the above list if you have anything else that may be of interest (on vinyl!) please contact me about that too!

All best
Alan Peat


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