Some interesting sentence work from Crab Lane!

“At Crab Lane Primary School, Manchester, we are on an exciting journey to further improve our writing curriculum.  With successful implementation of whole-school approaches to literacy planning, coverage and talk for writing, we reached a point where our focus needed to switch to consistent language and structure around text types and a progressive approach to sentence level work. This is where Alan Peat’s training has been invaluable and given us the foundations for a whole-school writing drive.  The more we share Alan’s sentence types, the more the children want to use them! We are already seeing significant impact in Year 6, where the sentence types have been in operation since September and with the rest of the school now on board, we are expecting high quality throughout the school!”

“One such success story is Brandon Neenan, a child who at the end of Year 5 was a 3b writer. He has fully embraced the range of sentence types in Year 6 and is now producing Level 5 writing on a regular basis. Please see enclosed work as a recent example.”

To view some of Brandon’s work CLICK HERE.


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