Welcome to the Alan Peat blog!

  Welcome to the Alan Peat blog. In this, my first posting I aim to ‘set out my stall’ and in future postings I’ll be sharing new ideas and thoughts on the following subjects:

1  literacy (effective teaching of reading, writing and speaking and listening)

2  Creativity in the classroom

3 Anything interesting (mainly educational) that takes my fancy!

I aim to avoid trotting out a range of thinly veiled plugs for my company’s products!

What I’m actually hoping for is a dialogue, a place where I can share and receive useful ideas for the classroom. I’ll also be considering key websites which are worth exploring.

So, that’s the plan. It’ll be practical, useful and occasionally entertaining. Hope you’ll consider subscribing and thanks for taking the time to read this.

I’ll be uploading new postings every week or two and in the summer months (when I’m not quite so knackered!) this will be even more frequent.

Thanks for reading this. In the next two weeks I’ll be uploading a long(ish) piece on ‘Integrated Use of ICT and Literacy’

Wishing you all well



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